Esters are a class of organic molecules that have pleasant smells. Lower molecular weight esters tend to smell like fruits, while the odors get more complex with higher molecular weights, even smelling like mushroom. My goal is to allow everyone to experience these aromas for themselves, collect organic compounds as a hobby, and provide an assortment of specialty esters in small quantities with inexpensive shipping.

Odor descriptions are only so good at describing the odor of a compound. Even when two descriptions are alike, each compound has its own character that can only be experienced in person. Most esters are described as "fruity" but each one has a subtle difference.

The substances sold on this website are not for food, drug, or cosmetics use. DO NOT EAT, DRINK OR APPLY TO SKIN. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN

Source of odor descriptions and useful resource for chemical properties: www.thegoodscentscompany.com

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Alcohols are another class of organic molecules with interesting smells. While esters tend to have fruity smells, each alcohol has its own characteristic interesting aroma, such as bread or even freshly cut grass.